After hours: Bibliography in WordPress

So while building this page I figured I wanted to have some kind of easy tool to maintain my publications and projects lists. After some searching I found 3 interesting WP plugins:

  • WP-Table Reloaded – adds a nice looking GUI in admin panel to create and manage tables
  • bib2html – generate html directly from bibtex file and put into WP page (unfortunately discontinued and not working in WP2.8)
  • BiblioFly – generate bibliography from its internal base (each resource has to be entered by hand with a GUI in admin panel)

Out of the thee, WP-Table is apparently the best maintained plugin but its not directly aimed for generating the bibliography. Nice GUI, lots of options and CSS customizable.

On the other hand, Bib2html appears to be the best bibliography dedicated solution (especially when used together with i.e. Zotero to organize bibliography). It has good features but hardly any GUI and unfortunately it doesn’t work in the latest WP (2.8).

Than BiblioFly is something in between: like WP-Table has a GUI and internal database but its only aimed for bibliographic references (without bibtex import option like bib2html) and seems in a bit worse shape then WP-Table.

More to come when i decide which one to use.

2 Replies to “After hours: Bibliography in WordPress”

  1. Fast forward to 2019..
    Would it be possible to build a complete bibliography website using WP?

    Or any other tool where you dont have to imerse in too much code.
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Rajneesh,

    sorry for late reply. Depends what you mean by “complete” I guess. Personally, ever since writing this post I’m using bib2html, it’s basic but also simple to update and does the job for me.

    You can see how it looks like by clicking my “Publications” in this webpage. The backend is essentially editing a Bibtex file in a text editor whenever you want to add something new, so quite easy and fast.


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