Some of
my current and selected past research projects
(only public projects, excludes any commercial software or projects undertaken in private companies).
Current Projects:
{ innovation management + top ideas + analytics }
The project aims to establish Semantic Web technologies for Idea Management Software. Apart of constructing a generic data schema for publishing and sharing Idea Management data, it focuses on subjects of knowledge management and processing large amounts of data. This also happens to be the primary topic of my PhD work.
{ finance + outlier detection + fraud detection }
Data analytics engine for finance analytics and fraud detection in procurement management applications.
Past Projects:
{ semantic web + search engine + web index }
A Semantic Web Index Engine – the project that I joined in late 2008 to work on various aspects connected to usability and end user involvement.
{ semantic web search java library + web index + GUI framework }
An architecture based on Sindice, designed as a solution to construct applications that utilise and extend the functionality of a semantic search index, that is leverage RDF search to more fine grained metadata search. Sindice Widgets was an implementation demonstrating use of framework for constructing REST services and connected Javascript apps (e.g. SindiceSIOC plugin for WordPress displayed connections between people across blogosphere).
{ eLearning + metadata + web mining + automatic course composition }
An eLearning project I helped to manage in its early stages and later participated mostly as a consultant and researcher. Project aimed to develop a system that would (semi)automatically construct courses based on semantic annotations of courses and users. It delivered an implementation called IKHarvester that mined data of the social spaces across the web and provided it as learning materials and building bricks for eLearning courses.
SemGroups – Semantic Overlay Networks implementation
{ p2p + metadata + RDF + semantic search }
Project done for my Master Thesis and as a part of Irish research project called eLITE. Main goal was to implement a peer-to-peer environment with network traffic and search capabilities enhanced through semantic description of hosts and special organization of the network.
{ digital library + metadata + search engine + semantic web }
My first project when joining DERI. I mostly participated as a developer with some small input to research. Goal of the project was to develop a digital library based on semantic annotations. Project, similarly as many of its spin-offs I participated in, was led by Sebastian Kruk.