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/* {April 2014 – onwards} */
/* main_acitivites = data analytics + anomaly detection + machine learning */
Institute for Infocomm Research (I²R)
Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)
/* Position */ Lead Software Engineer
/* Organization */ HyperTech, Greece
/* Dates */ September 2013 – February 2014
/* Main Acitivites */ Commercialization of research technologies in the areas of Energy Management and Smart Cities. My main task was to design and implement the foundations for the future product of the company based on the prior research on energy consumption prediction with machine learning algorithms.
/* Technologies */
JAVA, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Weka
/* Position */ Researcher
/* Organization */ Universidad Politecnica De Madrid, Madrid, Spain
/* Dates */ September 2008 – February 2013
/* Main Activities */ Research and development on data analytics and knowledge management in Web Systems for large-scale social collaboration portals (Idea Management Systems). My key achievements relate to solutions for assessment and analysis of information from large datasets created via crowdsourcing ( project). Aside of research activity, I participated in numerous initiatives regarding EU and domestic project funding proposals, as well as started my own projects.
/* Research Areas */
Crowdsourcing, Social Computing, Open Innovation, Semantic Web, Opinion Mining
/* Technologies */
JAVA/PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript / ActionScript + mobile
/* Position */ Visiting Researcher
/* Organization */ Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS), Athena Research Center, Greece
/* Dates */ July 2011 – September 2011
/* Main Activities */ Research on automatic annotation methods based on machine learning. The research was done for the needs of project on open innovation and delivered solutions for automatic annotation of ideas with domain independent taxonomies.
/* Research Areas */
automatic annotation, machine learning, Idea Management Systems
/* Technologies */
Java, PHP, HTML, JavaScript
/* Position */ Research Assistant
/* Organization */ Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) Galway, Ireland
/* Dates */ October 2007 – July 2008
/* Main Activities */ Research and development in a project called Sindice- a lookup index for Semantic Web documents built on data intensive cluster computing techniques. My main interests in the project are connected to development of APIs and applications that allow integration of the indexing engine with other research projects. One of my major goals was to focus mostly on usability issues of Semantic Web research.
/* Research Areas */
APIs, interfaces for consuming and large scale processing of web metadata
/* Technologies */
Java/ J2EE, JavaScript
/* Position */ J2EE Developer
/* Organization */ Blue Media Sp. z.o.o., Sopot, Poland
/* Dates */ December 2006 – August 2007
/* Main Activities */ The company main field of interest is placed in integration of telecommunication services with finance and banking, with particular interest in mobile technologies. Within this area my responsibilities involved: support for the development and maintenance of existing J2EE applications, development of new systems and their integration with business partner systems.
/* Technologies */
Java/ J2EE, JBoss
/* Position */ Research Internship
/* Organization */ Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) Galway, Ireland
/* Dates */ February 2006 – July 2006
/* Main Activities */ Research for the needs of project called eLITE that aimed to enhance data semantics in the e-Learning environment. Main fields of my interest within the project: e-Learning services composition, service search optimisation with the usage of Semantic Overlay Networks. Apart of the research work, I was a consultant in a sub-project of eLITE. My competences included help in managing and directing a group of internship students that develop a framework for e-Learning service composition.
/* Research Areas */
e-Learning, Semantic Overlay Networks
/* Technologies */
Java/ J2EE, Tomcat
/* Position */ Java Developer
/* Organization */ NETCETERA, Gdansk, Poland
/* Dates */ February 2004 –February 2006
/* Main Activities */ Contract work for a Polish IT company. Involved application design and development. All projects were done in Java technology.
/* Technologies */
Java/ J2SE
/* Position */ Internship
/* Organization */ Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) Galway, Ireland
/* Dates */ July 2005 –September 2005
/* Main Activities */ Work on digital library system called JeromeDL written in J2EE and utilizing Semantic Web technology. Mostly involved implementing RDF database backend cooperation with all layers of a Java web application.
/* Technologies */
Java/ J2EE, Semantic Web technology stack
/* Level */ PhD
/* Thesis */ Semantic Technologies in Idea Management Systems: A Model for Interoperability, Linking and Filtering.
/* Areas */
Open Innovation, Idea Management Systems, Crowdsourcing, Semantic Technologies, CSCW
/* University */ Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Telecommunication Engineering School
/* Dates */ September 2008 – February 2013
/* Level */ MSc
/* Thesis */ Usage of Semantic Web Mechanisms for Supporting Web Services Composition in e-Learning Solutions.
/* Areas */
Semantic Overlay Networks, Web Service Composition, e-Learning, Semantic Web
/* University */ Gdansk University of Technology. Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics
/* Dates */ September 2001 –September 2006
/* Level */ Secondary School
/* Profile */ Information Technology. Extended English and German language
/* School */ V Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace im. Stefana Zeromskiego
/* Dates */ August 1997 –June 2001
/* Skills */ Visual Communication
/* Areas */
Graphic Design, Color Composition, Typography
/* University */ Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore
/* Dates */ January 2017 – onwards
/* Skills */ Marketing and Management
/* Areas */
Marketing principles, Law basics, Finance Math / Accountancy
/* University */ Gdansk University of Technology. Faculty of Management and Economics
/* Dates */ September 2005 –February 2006
/* Level */ Basic Greek
/* Type */ Individual / Private Classes
/* Dates */ January 2012 – January 2013
/* Level */ Intermediate Spanish (intensive course)
/* Organization */ Paraninfo, Centro Acreditado del Instituto Cervantes
/* Dates */ September 2008 -October 2008
/* Level */ Basic Spanish
/* Organization */ Galway Language Centre, Ireland
/* Dates */ January 2008 –June 2008
/* Level */ Basic Spanish
/* Organization */ EMPiK Language School, Poland
/* Dates */ September 2005 –February 2006
/* Level */ Advanced English / CAE
/* Organization */ British Council, Poland
/* Dates */ September 2003 –June 2004
/* Level */ Intermediate English
/* Organization */ English-Polish school of Languages, Poland
/* Dates */ August 1995 –June 1997
/* Level */ Basic English
/* Organization */ Gdansk Foundation of Modern Languages, Poland
/* Dates */ August 1990 –June 1992
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