After hours: Portfolio publishing – CMSes review

I made a little review of dedicated content management systems for publishing online portfolios (e.g. for designers etc.). Be advised – all this info is fully subjective.

I did this for a (web designer) friend and my judgements are done based on “how easy it is to setup the portfolio” vs. “how much you can customise it” to look individual and make the portfolio itself a showcase of ones design skills 🙂 Also I looked on “how easy it would be to add new projects”.

Publishing this in case somebody like me is looking for a list of such systems.

Name (+my rank ) Real (Cool) Examples Short Review
— CMS with Hosting —


Fairly rich but only their hosting. The free version is quite
limited (number of projects, images etc.). In my opinion unless you really like this, own hosting is better.



Similar like Cargo but more simple.
— Need own Hosting —


– simple
– different type of gallery layout, different themes
– in the basic out of the box version add projects/portfilio entires
under predefined sections (on-going, projects, Info)



More the same direction/type as Indexhibit but probably better
developed and maintained.


– does not have interface to manage content, everything is just
by copying files- extremely lightweight, it doesn’t seem to have many options
for configuration-
everything is organised by text files with content & HTML
templates that are filled with this


Very much like a online file browser that can be themed rather
than a full CMS.


Similar like Subfolio its more a script rather than a full CMS.


Looks ok and has good reviews but is not available for public and I
couldn’t get it.


Normal CMS, its not designer or portfolio oriented but very