Conference spotlight: WISE2009

Finally the EU proposals rush is over. It was a great time with lots of new experiences but now finally I have some time to catch up with other things like doing actual research or .. writing on my scientific blog:)

During October I went to WISE 2009 conference hosted in Poland/Poznan this year. I was presenting a paper on mashups and integration of visual environments:

“Integrated Environment for Visual Data-Level Mashup Development”

here are the slides of my presentation: mashups_wise2009.pdf

The presentation went surprisingly well, and instead of doing a 20 min talk, I think I did 35-40 min since one of the presenters after me didnt show 😀 My paper was really short/simple and more like an idea rather then genuine research (initially I got accepted for a workshop which was then converted to a special session or something). I kept the presentation simple as well and to fill the rest of the time I tried more of a business oriented talk so I had lots and lots of questions and feedback from the audience. Feels nice ! Ok maybe it was less science in all this but I think it was more enjoyable for everybody and I had really a lot more options for collaborations afterwards then when giving the usual geek talk. So there was time for details in f2f talks too. Too bad this is not really my primary research area. In general – good training for presentation skills but I think I’m happy that the paper didnt get accepted for the bigger conferences before, they would eat me alive I’m sure of that 😉

As for the conference – I’m a bit disappointed with it, did not really find much interesting presentations for me during the conference time and well…after WWW earlier this year, I think its gonna be hard to impress me anyway 🙂 For WWW I would be happy going just to listen, for WISE – not really, especially not for this price.

Some of the papers that had quite good presentations were during the Visualization and User Interfaces sessions by a group from Kyoto University – there were few papers by those guys mostly everything connected to mining and presenting or searching information/news about the past. Quite interesting I have to say especially that I talked with one of postdocs from Kyoto about this ealier and I knew what’s the deal.

Oh one more thing that I obviously was most interested in: semantic session – not so semantic at all and felt like listening to people from past era of Semantic Web. I suppose working at DERI and participating in events like LOD@WWW sets high standards 🙂

Time flies – one year in Spain

So…one year passed since I came to Spain. As expected, it was a major change, especially that I’ve decided to finally start a PhD after working for past years in Ireland at the DERI institute.

My first year on the university was in large part about participating in obligatory PhD courses (in spanish!). Now, I’m almost done with that (the student year formally ends in September). For each of the courses students have to prepare some kind of work – usually a publication style paper and present it in class room for others. Depending on the course type I was writing and investigating some interesting topics. I’ve put quite some work into this, hence, I figured I’ll publish the papers here:

  • Semantic Web evolution: towards the usability of data (for Aplicaciones y Servicios Avanzados Internet course) [paper]
  • The Two Cultures (for Aplicaciones y Servicios Avanzados Internet course) [presentation]
  • Overview of Cloud Computing large-scale processing technologies (Metodologias y Arquitecturas Orientadas a Objetos para Sistemas Telematicos) [paper] [presentation]
  • Dynamic FAQ systems (Agentes Inteligentes. Aspectos Metodologicos, Logicos y de Contexto) [paper] [presentation]
  • Sentiment Analysis: Introduction and State of the Art overview (Tecnologias Lingüisticas y Aplicaciones en la Web) [paper] [presentation]
  • Metodología de desarrollo ágil para sistemas móviles (Temas Avanzados de Ingenieria de Servicios Telematicos) [paper]
  • some paper about PhD Thesis planning (Metodologia y Documentacion Cientifica) [paper eng] [paper esp]
  • bunch of  writeups about seminars on UPM during the year (for Seminario de Investigación course)