After hours: RDF Detective Plugin for Chrome

For quite some time now, I stopped using Firefox and switched almost completely to Chrome. Unfortunately, the letter has much less plugins, including no solid plugin to detect RDFs linked inside html documents.

In Firefox Semantic Radar used to do the job but I got tired of running both Firefox and Chrome when i was working with RDF so….I’ve written my own plugin for Chrome – RDF Detective 🙂

It works almost identical to Semantic Radar, in documentes loaded by the browser it detects:

<link type="...rdf+xml....">

and displays a little clickable icon to open RDF in an external viewer (you can edit the viewer in the plugin options by default I’ve set it to SIOC Browser).

Hopefully, when i get more time I’ll hack the plugin to have more preferences and add few other things. For now, it does its job good enough to use (for me), this is how it looks:

At the moment, I’ve published it only on Google Extensions website, if you feel like testing, head over there and install it. So far I only tested how it works on Mac Os X, running Chrome 5.0.342.9 beta, so feedback welcome!

Update: tested for Windows7 + Chrome Works as well!
Update2: New version out! RDF Detective 1.3 now supports RDFa detection (renders a different icon and allows to open RDFa in a different viewer then RDF). I also added experimental support for detecting what RDFa namespaces are used and in relation to that render the icon in different ways. Currently 3 options: if there is only Facebook or Opengraph namespace their specific icons get rendered, if there is more annotations of other namespaces then a generic RDFa icon is shown.
Update3: The source code for the extension was published at:

4 Replies to “After hours: RDF Detective Plugin for Chrome”

  1. This may be a dumb question, but does your extension ping the semantic web when viewing the page? It is my understanding that Semantic Radar does do this. Thanks!

  2. Hi Nick, no it doesn’t, I never needed this feature myself so didn’t bother adding it. However, let me know if you really need it for some particular goal and I can look into it 😉

    One question would be should it send a ping after page load or after click on the RDF icon. Also probably in either case this would have to be an option rather than a default functionality because I imagine it could generate quite some traffic.

  3. Hi,

    I never actually published it but since you’re asking:

    thanks for the interest! I did the code ages ago and didn’t bother cleaning it up so it could be a bit messy, hope you find it useful 🙂 Give me a shout in case some help needed!


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